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  • November 14, 2021
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Production Of Micro Green E-Learning

Virtual training of micro-vegetable production – microgreen is one of the competencies of the Department of Agriculture, which is related to jobs such as seed and pesticide sellers.

Summary of this course:
Microgreens are small, delicate edible plants that are produced using the seeds of various vegetables, herbaceous plants, aromatic plants, and wild edible plants. Depending on the species used, it can be 21-7 days after germination, when
The cotyledon leaves grow fully and the first true leaves appear to be harvested.
The tendency to plant this type of vegetable is decreasing with the decrease of arable lands, increase of population and the need to provide food security. High nutritional value, marketability and short harvest time for small vegetables have made their important products.

How are microgreens harvested?
Microgreens are emerging products that have become increasingly popular. They are small seedlings of edible plants that are harvested in 7-21 days after the first true leaves appear after planting.
Microgreens are harvested by cutting single stems just above the culture line when they are 3 to 9 cm high and without roots. Their edible part consists of stems, cotyledons and the first true emerging leaves.

Virtual training course for micro-vegetable production – microgreen:

  • Preparing the place needed to produce small vegetables
  • Proper seed preparation
  • Preparing the culture medium
  • Planting small vegetables – microgreen
  • Micro-vegetable irrigation – microgreen
  • 9 had 4 small vegetables
  • Fight against pests and diseases
  • Harvesting small vegetables
  • Packaging, marketing and sale of small vegetables

Prerequisites of the micro-vegetable production training course: Microgreen:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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