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  • November 14, 2021
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Propagation & Growing In Ornamental Plant E-Learning

Virtual training for propagation and cultivation of houseplants is a job of the agricultural group of the horticultural profession, which is related to jobs such as growers, greenhouse owners and experts who work in this field.

Summary of this course:
One of the best ways to have fresh and vibrant flowers and plants is to grow houseplants. Propagation means creating a complete plant from the mother plant. Breeding houseplants can be very simple or very difficult. The methods of propagation of houseplants are very diverse and many.

First of all, it is better to know for what purpose people are propagating apartment flowers. There are many reasons for this. People may want to create new plants and replace them with old ones. You may also want to give your flower sample to others as a gift.

Propagation of houseplants by leaves: One of the easiest ways for many flowers to propagate from leaves. With this method, many houseplants such as fig leaf petunia, begonia, spoon, willow leaf, Diphenbachia, Schefflera, photonic, philodendron, African violet and many other plants can be propagated.

Propagation by cuttings: Propagation of apartment flowers can be done by cuttings that are formed next to the main stem. Some plants grow their own shoots and small plants next to the main stem. To propagate apartment flowers in this way, the cuttings should be separated from the closest part to the stem. These cuttings may be rootless or with roots.

Virtual training course for propagation and breeding of apartment flowers:

  • Choosing a suitable greenhouse for growing houseplants
  • Selection and division of houseplants
  • Propagation of houseplants
  • Maintenance and care of houseplants
  • Hybridization in houseplants
  • Control and prevention of pests and diseases of houseplants
  • Marketing of houseplants
  • Observance of safety and health criteria in the workplace

Prerequisites for apartment flowers propagation and breeding training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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