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  • November 14, 2021
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Prune Of Prunus Dulcis E-Learning

Virtual training of almond pruning, almond pruning is a competence of the horticultural affairs group that is related to jobs such as farmers and gardeners, gardeners, agricultural engineers.

Summary of this course:

The almond tree is a very hardy tree. Properly covered, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions. Pruning and shaping the almond tree is one of the most important steps in maintaining it. If the tree is pruned at the right time, its productivity will increase due to the removal of extra branches and the possibility of food being divided into other remaining branches. Also, with the correct methods of pruning and shaping the almond tree, it is possible to control the uncontrolled height of the tree to some extent. However, it should be noted that pruning and shaping operations without sufficient knowledge or by a non-specialist can reduce the yield or even the death of the tree.

Types of almond tree pruning:

  • Pruning shaping almond trees
    Pruning of almond trees should be done in the early years after planting. Usually, by selecting the appropriate shape and performing pruning operations at the right time and in the required amount of almond trees up to the fourth year, they are formed into the selected form (cup).
  • Pruning of almond trees
    In fruiting pruning, the genetic characteristics of the species and its cultivars should be considered. The potential of producing branches and flowers in each cultivar should be fully used. Therefore, before pruning, the habit of tree growth, its fruiting system, the presence or absence of fruiting rotation in a cultivar should be fully and sufficiently known.

Almond Pruning Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Fruit pruning trees review types
  • Examine the elements of the almond tree crown
  • Pruning and shaping the almond tree
  • Pruning the first to fourth years of the almond tree
  • Almond pruning trees
  • Pruning, regeneration and rejuvenation of almond trees

Prerequisites for Almond Pruning Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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