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  • November 14, 2021
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Rural Production Cooperative / Farming Corporation Managing Director-Advanced E-Learning

Virtual training of the CEO of the Rural Production and Agricultural Joint-Stock Cooperative Company is a person who, according to the company’s articles of association, is responsible for managing the kidneys.
Takes over the affairs of the company. And is responsible for the type of activities and its results with the board of directors and members of the company.

Summary of this course:

Problems and bottlenecks of agricultural joint stock companies:
Dissolution of agricultural joint stock companies have had problems in their development. There are three categories of problems and obstacles:

Export problems – General problems of the agricultural sector – Specific problems of agricultural joint-stock companies
Export problems include employment, construction and welfare services, and irrational land price increases. Regarding employment, with two unprincipled presuppositions, the agricultural sector is required to prevent the migration of rural to urban areas while providing a major part of the country’s employment. Studies in this regard show that with the expansion of agricultural and non-agricultural activities in the field of operation of agricultural joint-stock companies while creating job diversity and specialization, migration has been less than neighboring villages and areas. At the same time, applying the general issue of migration to the operating system of the agricultural joint-stock company does not diminish its role in relation to other operating systems.

In this period, all the problems of joint-stock companies and company formation rules are listed. And by purchasing this course, you can access this information.

Virtual training course topics for the CEO of the Rural Production and Agricultural Joint Stock Cooperative – Advanced:

  • Application of management principles in production cooperatives and agricultural shares
  • Agricultural production planning, infrastructure, marketing, sales and company support
  • Organizing agricultural production affairs, infrastructure, support, production technical services, company trade
  • Supervision and control of agricultural products, infrastructure, support, technical services of the company
  • Supervising the legal affairs of the cooperative company
  • Management of staff affairs and supervision of the company’s human resources unit
  • Review and control of finance and budgeting in the cooperative company
  • Educational planning and empowerment of members and elements of the cooperative company

Prerequisites for the training course of the CEO of the Rural Production and Advanced Agricultural Production Cooperative:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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