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  • November 14, 2021
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Rural Production Cooperative / Farming Corporation Managing Director E-Learning

Virtual training of the CEO of the Rural Production Cooperative and Agricultural-Introductory Joint Stock Company is a person who is responsible for kidney management according to the company’s articles of association.
Takes over the affairs of the company and is in contact with the board of directors and members of the company regarding the type of activities and their results.

Summary of this course:
One of the important issues of Iranian agriculture is the issue of land ownership and exploitation system. The small size of agricultural production units and the dispersion of agricultural lands create restrictions in many cases for the use of advanced techniques, equipment, use of machinery, improvement of irrigation efficiency and agricultural development. In this regard, measures have been considered in terms of optimal use of production resources, “water and soil”, including the formation of agricultural joint-stock companies.

The efficiency of agricultural joint-stock companies:

  • Use of advanced agricultural methods and implementation of public policies in agricultural issues
  • Development of advanced techniques and mechanization
  • Prevent the fragmentation and division of arable lands into small non-economic plots
  • Increase irrigation efficiency using integrated crops

Course Virtual Training Course Managing Director of Rural Production Cooperative and Agricultural Joint Stock Company:

  • Application of management principles in production cooperatives and agricultural shares
  • Agricultural production planning, infrastructure, marketing, sales and company support
  • Organizing agricultural production affairs, infrastructure, support, production technical services, company trade
  • Supervision and control of agricultural products, infrastructure, support, technical services of the company
  • Supervising the legal affairs of the cooperative company
  • Management of staff affairs and supervision of the company’s human resources unit
  • Review and control of finance and budgeting in the cooperative company
  • Educational planning and empowerment of members and elements of the cooperative company

Prerequisites for the training course of the CEO of Rural Production Cooperative and Agricultural Joint Stock Company:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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