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  • November 14, 2021
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Seed Control And Priming E-Learning

Seed and Priming Certificate Carver Control Virtual Training, Seed and Priming Certificate Carver Control Standard, prepares the trainee for working conditions and performing control tests. And is associated with occupations such as seed sellers and farmers.

Summary of this course:
Examples of seed certification standards:

  • According to this law, the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture is obliged to identify and register new plant varieties and to control and supervise the seeds and seedlings of the country in order to protect national interests, organize the control and certification of seeds and seedlings and protect intellectual property rights to breeders. Take action.
  • New plant cultivars are registered if they meet the following conditions:
    ف A- The novelty of the cultivar, in a way that differs from previously registered or known cultivars in terms of genetic characteristics. Transgenic cultivars will also be covered by this paragraph.
    B- The new cultivar is genetically and physically identical or both.
    C- The characteristics of the cultivar, whether hybrid (hybrid) or non-hybrid (non-hybrid), remain constant during the years of production and reproduction.

All standards and seed certificate controls are listed in this course.

Topics of Carver Virtual Seed and Priming Certificate Control Training Course:

  • Seed production and analysis of different parts of the seed
  • Analysis of factors affecting seed germination
  • Preparation of certified seeds and the steps of issuing seed certificates
  • Application of pollination and isolation methods in plant seeding
  • Apply seed certification standards
  • Perform various control tests
  • Drying, storage and sampling of seeds
  • Applying seed priming methods and investigating the mechanism of priming effect in plants
  • Seed treatment by growth regulators
  • Treatment of seeds with distilled water and osmotic solutions
  • Seed treatment with solid matrix
  • Application of seed coating technology

Prerequisites for Carver Seed Control and Priming Certificate Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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