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  • November 14, 2021
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Soil And Plant Tester E-Learning

Virtual training of soil and plant tester has been created for people to become fully acquainted with soil and plant tester. Tester of soil and plant analysis in the field of agricultural engineering and competencies such as accelerating and facilitating the measurement of phosphorus and potassium, saving fertilizer consumption Chemical, helping to prevent environmental pollution, determining soil fertility, improving soil texture, accelerating and facilitating the measurement of organic matter, percentage of lime, calcium and magnesium in the soil, using more accurate methods to measure elements, applying fertilizer recommendations More precisely, it determines the need for plant fertilizers and… This competency is related to agricultural engineering jobs in the fields of soil science, agriculture, agricultural and fertilizer management, people working in the Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Center, people working in soil analysis centers and laboratories, fertilizer recommendation consultants.

The necessity of soil and water testing:
It is necessary to study the characteristics of the soil as an environment for plant growth and establishment, as well as access and provision of nutrients. Since the plant absorbs most of its nutrients from the soil, determining the status of these elements in the soil is very important for successful crop production. Obviously, the number of elements required will vary depending on the type of plant and soil and region conditions.

Also, the use of large amounts of agricultural fertilizers regardless of farm conditions at high cost and pollution causes farmers to turn to a more reliable method. Soil testing and review by experts lead to reducing costs as much as possible, increasing the quantity and quality of the product, as well as maintaining soil and environmental health. In addition, in soils where soils contain large amounts of lime, high salinity and alkaline or acidic pH and have made agriculture difficult, soil condition assessment through soil testing with experts can play an effective role in managing and improving production conditions. Be.

Also, the importance of studying the characteristics of irrigation water due to its effect on soil conditions in the long run and the differences between different plants in response to salinity and other characteristics of water is not less than soil testing.

Topics of soil and plant experimenter virtual training course:
Ability to sample the plant and prepare for analysis
Ability to extract from the soil using centrifugation
Ability to measure total nitrogen in soil, fertilizer or plant extracts
Ability to measure phosphorus by spectrophotometry
Ability to measure iron in plant extracts with a spectrophotometer
Ability to measure dissolved calcium in dissolved soil or irrigation water by the complexometric method
Ability to measure dissolved magnesium in dissolved soil or irrigation water by the complexometric method
Ability to measure soil potassium and sodium elements with a flame photometer
Ability to measure lime in the soil by volumetric method (calorimetry)
Ability to measure lime in the soil by titration method
Ability to measure soil organic matter by dry combustion
Ability to measure soil organic matter by wet combustion
Prerequisites for Soil and Plant Test Basics Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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