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  • November 14, 2021
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Sudan Grass Agriculture E-Learning

Sudan Grass Virtual Education is a competency in the field of agriculture, agriculture and horticulture, and is related to the livestock and handicraft industries.

Summary of this course:
Sorghums (multi-china):
As the name implies, this type of sorghum is harvested several times by grazing or picking (fresh feed, packaging or in the form of alfalfa), but sometimes it is used as a single harvest (silage). Placed. These types of sorghums are divided into two categories:

Sudangrass: This type of sorghum is usually earlier than other hybrid cultivars.
This type of sorghum has high regrowth and tillering capacity and also has narrow leaves and stems.

Hybrid Sorghum: X-Soran Grass B Colorless Sorghum
This type of sorghum is slower than Sudan grasses but has a higher yield potential. Hybrid sorghum is larger in appearance as well as stronger.

Plant sorghum is sensitive to early weed growth. Developing a successful weed control program is especially important as soon as the two-leaf clover emerges. These pre-growth weeds can also be used to control broadleaf weeds. Here, too, soil moisture at the time of the struggle and in the days following is important for a successful struggle.

Based on the available weeds, the herbicide can be applied in the following different periods: after planting / before growth / during root production (or 3-leaf sorghum) using penetrating herbicides – on roots and leaves When fighting weeds and broadleaf weeds, if necessary, the weed control process in aerial planting operations can be done mechanically more than once.

Sudan Grass Virtual Agriculture Course Topics:

  • Planting Sudan grass
  • Operation Sudan Gross
  • Had Sudan Grass
  • Sudan Grass harvest
  • Packing and warehousing Sudan Grass
  • Marketing to sell Sudan Grass

Prerequisites for Sudan Grass Agriculture Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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