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  • November 14, 2021
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Technician Of Bacteria-Based Insect Biocontrol Agents E-Learning

Virtual training of bacterial-based biological pesticides has been created for people to become fully acquainted with bacterial-based biological pesticides. Microbial pesticides that contain more than 100 products including viruses, bacteria, fungi, nematodes and protozoa that play a very important role in the management of integrated control and organic agriculture and even traditional agriculture. Insects, weeds, pathogens and nematodes, like other living organisms, have diseases caused by microorganisms. In some cases, these pathogens are isolated and cultured and mass-produced to control pests. These products are also called microbial pest control agents.

Bacterial insecticides:
One of the mentioned types of biological insecticides to eliminate plant pests and agricultural products is bacterial insecticides that make insects sick at different stages of their growth and destroy them. One of the well-known bacteria that infects and kills many harmful insects in the larval stage is Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). This bacterium has a central and elliptical spore that is identified along with the crystal. This bacterium acts completely specifically and does not cause disease in beneficial insects, humans and other vertebrates.

BT bacteria are naturally present in soil and the environment, causing pests. BT bacterium has a special place in pest management and production of healthy and organic products due to its many advantages such as specific effect on pest insects, low production cost, high pathogenicity and easy application. Also, as a nature lover, it does not have an adverse effect on the environment, beneficial insects and humans.

Bacterial Base Pesticide Virtual Training Course Topics:
Extraction of the bacterial agent Bacillus turingiensis from nature
Laboratory maintenance and culture of Bacillus turingiensis
Scale-up of Bacillus turingiensis
Prerequisites for the Basics of Bacterial Base Pesticide Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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