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  • November 14, 2021
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Technician Of Nematode-Based Insect Biocontrol Agents E-Learning

Nematode-based biological pesticide training has been created to familiarize people with the tasks of this management. Biological pesticides are products with biological and biochemical bases that are used to control plant pests and diseases. Biopesticides include organisms used to control pests. Pesticides do not always cause direct pest death but maybe a means of killing pests (hormones), or dispersing pests and reducing their population at the target site (repellents), or even treatment pests. Do not kill, but affect the results (effective compounds in growth).

Types of pesticides:

  • Chemical pesticides
  • Biological (biological) pesticides
    Both of these pesticides are used to manage and control pests, weeds and plant diseases. In most cases, the term biological control agents is used instead of the word biological pesticide. Because the goal is not the complete destruction of insects, but to reduce the insect population to below the level of economic losses.

Properties of pesticides:

  • To be very toxic to the pest, so that its consumption is low.
  • Have a decisive and rapid effect on the pest.
  • Do not have adverse effects on humans, livestock and plants, as well as the environment, soil and water.
  • Low risk for beneficial insects such as bees, parasitoids and predators. This feature has become more popular in recent years.
  • It does not have an unpleasant smell and taste on food and does not leave any dangerous residue.
  • Its durability is suitable for the effect on the pest. That is, it is stable enough that while controlling the pest, it does not remain in the environment.
  • Have an optional application. This is controversial because if a broad-spectrum pesticide is used, most animals, both target and non-target, will be killed.
  • Its mobility in the environment is low and does not suffer from leaching.
  • Its consumption is economical.

Nematode Basic Biological Pesticide Virtual Training Course Topics:
Extraction of nematodes from nature
Nematode analysis of carpocapsae Steinernema
Extraction and culture of Xenorhabdus symbiotic bacteria
Laboratory maintenance and culture of Steinernema carpocapsae
Scale-up Notes of Steinernema carpocapsae
Prerequisites for Nematode Basic Biological Pesticide Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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