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  • November 14, 2021
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Tomatoes Leafminer Moth Repellen E-Learning

Tomato Minus Butterfly Virtual Training is a competency in the field of agriculture that is associated with all agricultural occupations.

Summary of this course:
This pest has been introduced by different names such as tomato willow, tomato leaf minnow cream, and potato leaf minnow and potato stem. This pest damages tomato plants at all stages of their development. And at all larval ages, there is a possibility of damage due to feeding on this insect. This pest attacks all parts of the plant. Larvae, however, prefer terminal buds, thin leaflets, flowers and green fruits for feeding.

On the leaves, the larvae feed on mesophilic tissue. And their feeding path becomes irregular spots. Black droppings of larvae are visible inside the corridors. These spots may necrosis later. The larvae may also form tunnels in the stem. That changes the overall development of plants. As soon as the fruits appear on the plants, they are exposed to this pest. The corridors caused by this pest inside the fruit may be the entry point for secondary pathogens, which cause fruit rot and rot. Physical, agronomic and chemical control methods can be used to control this pest.

Pest management:

  • Standardization of greenhouses, including proper glazing, use of insect nets and double entrance doors, emptying around the greenhouse and soil disinfection is recommended when the greenhouse is empty.

Quarantine measures: The application of quarantine methods and measures to prevent contamination of farms and greenhouses is important in pest management. It is essential to use healthy seedlings free of pest contamination in greenhouses and fields.

  • Crop control including removal of residues and weeds from previous crops: therefore, maintaining greenhouse and farm hygiene is recommended. Rotation with plants other than the Solanaceae family, plowing, fertilizing and proper irrigation are also recommended.

Topics of Tomato Minus Tomato Repellent Virtual Training Course:

  • Identify different stages of life
  • Disinfection of the treasury and cultivation hall
  • Installation of pheromone traps, yellow, blue and instant traps
  • Chemical control

Prerequisites for Tomato Minus Tomato Repellent Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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