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  • November 14, 2021
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Vegetable Growers And Seyfi To Hydroponic Method E-Learning

Virtual training of vegetable and summer growers by the hydroponic method is a job in the field of agriculture (horticultural affairs) which is related to jobs such as the seller of pesticides and fertilizers, the seller of seeds, and seedlings and seller of greenhouse equipment and greenhouse owners.

Summary of this course:
Hydroponics can be defined as the science of growing plants without the use of soil and using a culture medium such as sand, peat, vermiculite, pumice or sawdust with a nutrient solution containing all the plant nutrients necessary for normal growth, under normal conditions. Until many hydroponic cultivation methods were discovered, some were called soilless cultivation, although growing only with cultivated water means hydroponics is correct.

Soilless cultivation is a system in which the plant restricts its roots to an environment (usually solid or liquid) and a soilless environment. Nowadays, the term hydroponic cultivation, which is suitable for cultivation in water (cultivation water), is confused with all methods and techniques of plantless planting in artificial materials or in well-aerated solutions (cultivation water).

The general characteristics of a culture medium in a greenhouse are:

  • Be chemically neutral
  • Be chemically stable
  • Be clean and tidy
  • Sufficient to have water holding capacity
  • Sufficient to have air holding capacity

Topics of the virtual training course for growing vegetables and summer by the hydroponic method:

  • Preparation of hydroponic culture medium
  • Disinfection of hydroponic culture media
  • Preparation of nutrient solution in hydroponic culture
  • Hydroponic cultivation in different ways
  • Control of environmental conditions
  • Control of pests and diseases in hydroponic cultivation
  • Harvest in hydroponic cultivation
  • Product marketing and marketing

Prerequisites for the hydroponic method of growing vegetables and summer crops:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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