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  • November 14, 2021
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Vegetable Seed Production Operator E-Learning

Virtual training of a user producing vegetable and summer seeds, a user producing vegetable and summer seeds is a job in which the trainee is acquainted with the basics of seed production and methods and reasons for preparing seeds. And can prepare seeds from the desired plants.

Summary of this course:
Vegetable and summer crops should be fertile, loamy, weed-free, with a good slope and good ventilation. After selecting the land, paying attention to the appropriate date of planting and timely plowing, soil testing is necessary to determine the amount of fertilizer required. Since most soils in Iran are calcareous, so they are suitable for vegetable and summer cultivation, because this type of soil provides the calcium and magnesium needed by the plant.

The characteristics of a suitable seed are:

  • From a purely genetic point of view: It has all the characteristics that the general breeder claims and enters into the principles of production and certification of seeds or is known by it.
  • Physically pure: be free of solids, broken grains, straw, weed seeds and seeds of other crops.
  • High germination percentage and seed vigor, in other words, standard. (The seed has the ability to become a natural seedling when grown in laboratory and field conditions.)
  • Healthy: (Free of pathogens or pests on the seeds. For example, free of fungi that cause blackheads)
  • Suitable relative humidity.

Vegetable and summer seed user’s virtual training course topics:

  • Seed analysis, production and production
  • Seed harvesting and processing
  • Save seed
  • Seed production in the squash family
  • Seed production in eggplant family
  • Seed production in the spinach family
  • Seed production in the chickpea family
  • Seed production in the umbrella family
  • Seed production in the onion family
  • Seed production in the wheat family

Prerequisites for the training course of the user producing vegetable and summer seeds:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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