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  • November 17, 2021
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Construction And Desighaner Fruit Gardens E-Learning

Virtual training for designing and constructing orchards has been created for people to become fully acquainted with the construction of orchards. I want to reach profitability. In constructing the garden, the climatic conditions of the region must be taken into account. Climatic conditions refer to the heat and cold of spring that trees need to grow and develop. Apricot trees, for example, are resistant to cold, but if there is cold when the flowers open, the flowers will die. As a result, seedlings should be selected that flower later.

Climatic conditions in the construction of the garden:
Suitable temperature for garden construction:
Increasing or decreasing the temperature can affect the growth and flowering of trees. Fruit trees need to receive temperatures of less than seven degrees (between 0 and 7 degrees Celsius) during certain hours during the winter to get out of rest and start growing. If the necessary cold is not provided, the tree will not bloom in spring. Another effect of cold on the blossoms of trees is spring frost, which causes frost on flowers and fruits. Temperature fluctuations if they are high, as well as the difference between day and night temperatures and hail, are among the factors that cause damage to fruit trees.

Suitable light for garden construction:
The results of various experiments show that day length does not affect the flowering of fruit trees, but light intensity is very effective in the growth and fertility of trees. The only way to get enough light into the tree canopy is to give the tree branches a proper density. Another effect of light on the fruit tree is to create color in the fruit.

Selecting the type of soil in the construction of the garden:
In constructing a garden, paying attention to the fertility of the garden is important and vital. Therefore, we must pay attention to the type and depth of soil before planting. And if the soil has a hard layer at a depth of less than one meter, be sure to remove it. Most fruit trees do not show much sensitivity to soil texture, and if the soil has sufficient drainage depth and proper pH, it will grow well in it and give sufficient yield. Light and heavy textures can be modified by adding organic matter. In examining the soil, we must consider several factors. First of all, the depth of the soil, secondly, the depth of the groundwater-surface, and thirdly, the salinity of the soil should be examined.

Virtual training course topics for designing and constructing orchards:
Economic estimation of orchard construction
Finding a place to build an orchard
Selection of certified seedlings suitable area
Planting a fruit tree
Land preparation and digging of planting holes
Prepare seedlings before planting
Planting seedlings
Pruning of newly planted plants
Caring for planted seedlings
Prerequisites for the design and construction of orchards:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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