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  • November 18, 2021
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Assistant Cactus Seeder E-Learning

Virtual training of cactus assistant (special people with special needs), this job with jobs such as assistant) producer of seedlings, producer of cuttings, grower of indoor flower seedlings, vegetable grower, grower of flower seedlings and seasonal plants, Lawnmower, grower of weed plants, gardener, producer of simple aquariums, producer of pots and decorative baskets, animal manure processor, plant air manure processor, compost and irrigation producer (related).

Educational skills of this course:

  • Measure each of the bedding materials to the recommended size and pour together
  • Mixing bedding material for platform and pot
  • Mixing bedding material for planting box (peat moss)
  • Transfer the bedding material to the platform, fill the pot or planting box and flatten it
  • Using work tools for mixing and preparing bedding materials according to your conditions
  • Preparing cactus seeds for planting (threshing, soaking, etc.)
  • Place cactus seeds inside the grooves at the recommended distance
  • Cover on seeds with recommended height
  • Prepare suitable materials for coating on seeds (organic matter or pneumatic sand)
  • Selection of suitable stems of cactus mother base for preparing cuttings
  • Proper transfer and storage of cuttings until planting (place away from the sun for a few days to dry the isolated place.)
  • Squeeze the bedding material around the cuttings by hand
  • Planting cactus cuttings in prepared bed with recommended depth (cuttings are planted in bed for rooting at shallow depth)
  • Creating a planting groove or hole proportional to the planting depth of the cuttings
  • Put some cuttings in water to expel leachate

Cactus Assistant Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Prepare cactus planting material
  • Preparing and planting cactus seeds
  • Prepare and plant cactus stem cuttings
  • Preparing and planting cactus cuttings
  • Take care of the seeds of cacti that are germinating and growing
  • Taking care of cactus stem cuttings during rooting and growth
  • Take care of growing cactus rootstocks
  • Take care of the whole cactus plant
  • Preparing cacti for the market

Prerequisites for Cactus Assistant Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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