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  • November 18, 2021
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Assistant Producer Of Compost E-Learning

Virtual training of compost producer assistant (special people with special needs), this job with jobs such as assistant (cactus worker, seedling seed producer, cuttings seedling producer, vegetable grower, flower and seasonal plant seedling producer assistant, lawnmower , Grower of weeds, gardeners, producer of simple aquariums, producer of pots and decorative baskets, processing of animal manures, processing of plant fertilizers, cactus and irrigation) are related.

Educational skills of this course:

  • Determine the appropriate location for compost processing
  • Collection of plant waste (residues) in excess of consumption with recommended conditions
  • Collect animal waste in excess of consumption with recommended conditions
  • Control of collected materials in terms of environmental pollution
  • Keeping the collected materials in the designated place until they reach a certain volume
  • Add fresh animal manure and spread it evenly on the surface of the processing site
  • Spread the collected material evenly in the designated place or tank with a thickness of about 40 cm
  • Add about half a kilogram of ammonium phosphate to the spread layer
  • The appearance of processed compost
  • Shaping the surface of the mass in the form of a dome or fish pollen
  • Moisten the mass with water until a very small amount of leachate comes out from under the mass and goes to the well.
  • Shaping around the site or reservoir so that the accumulated mass is protected from flooding and erosion.
  • Overturn or stir the whole mass
  • Perform coating and protective operations after each stir
  • Prepared compost packaging
  • Keeping packages in a suitable place or offering them to the consumer market
  • Clean and prepare the place or tank for another start

Compost Production Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Collect compost raw materials
  • Accumulation of compost materials
  • Additional measures in compost processing
  • Operated during compost processing
  • Packaging and sale of processed compost

Prerequisites for the training course of compost producer assistant:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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