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  • November 18, 2021
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Assistant Producer Of Seedlings E-Learning

Virtual training of seed seedling producer assistant (especially for people with special needs), this job with jobs such as assistant (cactus worker, producer of seedlings of flowers and seasonal plants, producer of cut seedlings, vegetable work, compost producer, lawnmower, Growing plants, gardeners, producing simple aquariums, producing pots and decorative baskets, processing animal manure, processing plant fertilizers, working cactus and watering) are related.

Educational skills of this course:

  • Perform plowing, softening, leveling and soil improvement operations
  • Prepare the seeds of seedlings for planting
  • Creating planting ridges in soil beds with recommended width
  • Create corridors with the recommended height and width (in dry areas above the bed and in wet areas below the planting bed)
  • Create grooves for planting on stacks with regular spacing and depth)
  • Placing the seeds in the groove with the appropriate depth (two to three times the large diameter of the seeds and at regular intervals from each other)
  • Cover the seeds with mulch or sand to the recommended height
  • Preparing underground organs for planting
  • Placing underground organs with appropriate distance and depth in the bed
  • Create a cover with mulch to the recommended height and squeeze them
  • Carrying out the operation of breaking the tuber and burying the plant feet
  • Carrying out weeding and weeding operations
  • Carefully pluck the seedlings from the first treasury
  • Perform thin operations

Virtual training course titles for seedling seed production assistant:

  • Prepare the planting bed for the seedbed
  • Preparing seeds and underground organs and planting them in the treasury
  • Take care of seeds that are germinating and growing in the nursery
  • Preparing the bed, planting and caring for seedlings in the waiting closet
  • Pruning with simple tools
  • Prepare seedlings for supply

Prerequisites for seedling seed production assistant training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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