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  • November 18, 2021
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Assistant Producer Of Vegetables E-Learning

Virtual training of vegetable grower assistant (especially for people with special needs), this job with jobs such as assistant (cactus worker, seedling seed producer, cuttings seedling grower, ornamental plant seedling producer, compost grower, lawn grower, grower Jalizi plants, gardeners, producers of simple aquariums, producers of pots and decorative baskets, processing of animal manures, processing of plant fertilizers, working cactus and irrigation) are related.

Educational skills of this course:

  • Perform pre-tillage measures to prepare the bed
  • Service and preparation of main, secondary pipes and type tapes for pressurized irrigation
  • Prepare streams and furrows for gravity irrigation
  • Increase the original and fertile material of the planting bed
  • Secondary tillage of the vegetable bed
  • Primary tillage of vegetable substrate
  • Prepare seeds or fruits of some vegetables such as spinach, basil, radish, watercress and… for planting (determination of capacity, separation of impurities, etc.)
  • Seed germination of some vegetables such as (beans, peas, corn, etc.)
  • Prepare the plant of some vegetables such as tarragon, mint,… for propagation (division of the plant, division of root cuttings, rhizomes and…)
  • Prepare the tubers of some vegetables such as potatoes, pickles, garlic,… for planting (purification, division and…)
  • Disinfect and germinate the tubers of some vegetables
  • Irrigation of planted vegetables
  • Carrying out thinning operations
  • Weed weeding
  • Carrying out tuber-breaking operations and burying the feet of shrubs and vegetables
  • Give road fertilizer to growing vegetables and…

Vegetable Assistant Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Prepare vegetable planting material
  • Preparing seeds and reproductive organs of vegetables
  • Planting seeds and vegetative organs of various vegetables
  • Take care of growing vegetables
  • Harvesting and selling all kinds of vegetables

Prerequisites for the training course of vegetable producer assistant:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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