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  • November 18, 2021
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(Behbahan) Narges Flower Breeding E-Learning

Behbahan Narcissus Flower Growing Virtual Training is one of the competencies in the field of agriculture, flower and plant breeding, which is related to jobs such as flower and plant growers, florists and greenhouse owners, and essential oil extraction.

Summary of this course:
With the increase in awareness of the side effects of chemical drugs, people have become more inclined to use herbal medicines and natural herbal products. Narcissus is one of the ornamental onion plants of the Amaryllidaceae family, a monocotyledonous perennial plant. The flowering of this daffodil is done from mid-autumn to mid-winter.
There are about 65 species of daffodils. The existence of natural narcissus fields in different parts of Khuzestan province such as Behbahan shows that Khuzestan province is one of the suitable areas for planting daffodils.

Behbahan daffodil breed names include Shahla (SB), poor (MB), cat paw (PGB), Behbahan feathered (PPB) and poor (MKB).

About 70% of the area of ​​Behbahan narcissus is covered by ordinary Shahla narcissus, 20% by full narcissus and 10% by black or poor narcissus.

Narcissus flowers bloom at different times depending on the type. For example, Narges Shiraz, which has a unique fragrance, flowers in late autumn to mid-spring, Narges Shahla, which has yellow petals and has a large trumpet in the middle of the petals, flowers in late winter to early spring. Narcissus is even more resistant to cold than lilies.

Topics of Behbahan Narcissus Flower Virtual Training Course:

  • Check and select the right land for cultivation
  • Proper planting of onions
  • Operated daffodils on the farm
  • Narcissus flower harvesting operation
  • Narcissus product marketing
  • Storage and packaging of onions and daffodils

Prerequisites for Behbahan Narcissus Flower Cultivation Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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