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  • November 18, 2021
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Director Of Flower Growing In The Greenhouse E-Learning

Virtual flower management training in greenhouse has been created for people to be fully acquainted with growing flowers in the greenhouse. The best greenhouse based on the appearance in the plan of the greenhouse for the cultivation of ornamental flowers is the greenhouse with an arched roof, because it is possible to build these greenhouses in large areas and they work well in the direction of air circulation (ventilation). The greenhouse cover of the arch roof is made of polyethylene (nylon) which can be easily installed and set up. On the other hand, this type of structure has a high resistance to wind flow. These greenhouses are compatible with different types of climate and reduce fuel consumption due to low heat exchange.

Types of greenhouses for growing flowers:
One of the ways to maintain and cultivate flowers, especially in the cold and icy season, is the greenhouse. The different types of greenhouses in terms of temperature are as follows: cold greenhouse, temperate greenhouse, warm greenhouse

Cold greenhouse:

This greenhouse has a short building, it is quite bright. It is directly insulated for heating without being sunscreen or necessary. The cold greenhouse should be completely ventilated and slightly warm and humid. The slope of the roof is usually built in one direction to the north, and if they want to use a greenhouse with a two-way slope for this purpose. The slope to the south should be covered with a straw mat to prevent sunlight from entering the greenhouse.

Temperate greenhouse:

In general, the indoor air of the greenhouse should be between 8 and 12 degrees Celsius in winter and not more than 20 degrees in summer. Flowers kept in temperate greenhouses are those that are either planted in the summer or left in pots. In areas where the sunlight is very hot in summer, moderate greenhouses are not used at all.

Warm greenhouse:

A warm greenhouse is for plants that are grown in very hot areas. Usually, the temperature of warm greenhouses in winter is not less than 14 degrees Celsius. And in summer it should be 28 degrees Celsius on average. It is important to note that heat production alone was not enough to maintain and cultivate plants in very hot areas. And the humidity and dryness should be appropriate.

Greenhouse Management Virtual Training Course Virtual Training Course:
Economic estimation of an economic plan for flower production in the greenhouse
Locating and constructing a greenhouse and selecting the appropriate structure
Preparing the culture medium
Investigation and classification of ornamental plants and various methods of growing ornamental plants in greenhouses
Planting and preparing cuttings و
Feeding ornamental flowers
Provide a suitable growing environment for ornamental plants
Flower propagation and types of propagation methods
Flower pruning
Perform a variety of transplants in flowers
Pest and disease management
Harvesting, marketing and marketing of decorative products
Prerequisites for flower growing management course in greenhouse:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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