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  • November 18, 2021
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Skilled Production Worker In Hydroponic Intelligent Greenhouses Producing Flowers E-Learning

Virtual training of a skilled worker in the production of smart hydroponic greenhouses for flower production has been created for people to become fully acquainted with the production of smart hydroponic greenhouses for flower production. Hydroponics is a system by which plants are not grown in the soil. In hydroponic greenhouses, plants do not grow in the soil. Plants in hydroponic greenhouses grow in water. The water in these greenhouses contains nutrients for plant growth. In the hydroponic greenhouse, the roots of the plants are fed directly from the nutrient solution and are in direct contact with oxygen. These two items are very effective and necessary for plant growth.

Many plants can be grown in hydroponic greenhouses, but people who are beginners and have just started to work should choose certain plants at the beginning of their work and after learning the important principles of the greenhouse, start planting other plants. These herbs include spinach, lettuce, mint, coriander, basil, strawberries, and hot peppers.

Advantages of hydroponic greenhouse:
Cultivation in hydroponic greenhouses has many advantages, the most important of which can be considered no need for soil. In this method, unlike all agricultural methods, soil is used and instead, the milky liquid is used to deliver essential nutrients to the plant. In this case, all the needs of the plant are met and thus the growth and production efficiency is several times the traditional method.

Also in the hydroponic method, the limitations are minimized; This means that a person can easily grow flowers and plants that do not grow in the greenhouse due to the climatic conditions in their city, in all four seasons of the year.

Topics of the virtual training course for skilled workers in the production of hydroponic smart greenhouses for flower production:
Ability to know the general types of hydroponic greenhouses for flower production, components and equipment and their applications
Ability to fully understand the life cycle of common modified flowers in hydroponic greenhouses and their biological needs
Ability to prepare the hydroponic smart greenhouse for planting seedlings or bulbs
Ability to perform operations related to plant maintenance and training in intelligent hydroponic greenhouse flower production
Ability to carry out irrigation and feeding operations in hydroponic intelligent flower production greenhouses
Ability to visually detect the main anomalies of plants in the production of important cut flowers in hydroponic smart greenhouses and implementation of prevention and control operations
Ability to perform flower harvesting operations in hydroponic smart greenhouses
Ability to perform operations from harvesting to packaging while maintaining flower quality
Ability to perform flower packaging operations and prepare for shipment to the market
Ability to apply occupational safety and health standards in the workplace
Prerequisites for skilled worker production of smart hydroponic greenhouses for flower production:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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