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Sports industry

November 9, 2021

Tennis E-Learning

Virtual tennis training: Table tennis is one of the racquet and individual disciplines. Due to its availability, fun, small space and limited facilities, it is considered […]
November 9, 2021

Total Body Resistance Exercises E_learning

Total body resistance exercises (TRX): It was in 2011 that Mr. Henrik was on a mission in the United States on a US submarine that invented […]
November 9, 2021

Wrestling Techniques E-Learning

Virtual training in wrestling techniques is one of the sports that has many fans all over the world, especially in Iran. If you are one of […]
November 9, 2021

Sport Psychology E-Learning

Virtual training in sports psychology is an interdisciplinary science that examines the data of both kinesiology and psychology. This course simultaneously examines how psychological factors affect […]